Chiropractic Care

At Family Healthcare Chiropractic Center, we offer both holistic and natural treatments and techniques to help manage pain while promoting wellness. If you are in search of alternative path to wellbeing, we encourage you to learn about chiropractic care from a chiropractor on our team in Stafford, VA.


Prenatal Chiropractor Care

One area of chiropractic care is prenatal and pregnancy chiropractic services. As a woman's body changes through pregnancy and gentle chiropractic care can help the body to adjust to the added weight and shifting frame. Prenatal and pregnancy chiropractic can not only help a woman through the aches and pains of pregnancy but can also help the body to get and stay healthy throughout.

Pediatric Care from a Chiropractor

Establishing good health habits early is important in getting on the appropriate path to a life of wellness. Chiropractic care for children may include a focus on maintaining a good posture and keeping the back and spine in alignment and healthy.

Personal Injury Treatment

When you suffer a personal injury through a slip and fall or car accident, getting evaluated promptly at by our chiropractic care team can help you get relief and recover more easily. To help treat your injury, we provide different types of care, including adjustments, soft tissue mobilization, spinal decompression, and more.

Joint Pain Treatment

As we age, it is common for many of us to experience problems in our joints. This pain is often accompanied by an increased lack of mobility. Through a combination of adjustments and corrective exercises, we can help restore flexibility while minimizing pain. 

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Soft tissue mobilization can be helpful to all members of the family, from mothers-to-be to seniors. Gentle soft tissue work can help keep the body flexible, improve circulation, ease stress, and promote wellness.

Get Chiropractic Care from a Prenatal Chiropractor Near You for a Personal Injury

If you live in the Stafford, VA, area, we welcome you to learn more about our team and services at The Family Healthcare Chiropractic Center.  We can help you better manage your pain and with a natural path to health and wellness. Call our office to schedule your initial consultation. Call us at (540) 288-8880 for pediatric care from a chiropractor near you.


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