Pediatric Care Q & A

Why would children need chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care is a natural, side effect free, drug-free treatment to patients of all ages, including infants, toddlers, and children. Children benefit from chiropractic care because it protects their spinal health and is a natural, holistic practice that allows them to develop correctly and enjoy optimal health and wellbeing. The highly trained doctor at Family Healthcare Chiropractic provides parents with information and education concerning the health and wellness of their children including the benefits of chiropractic care. From child nutrition, exercise, attention deficit or hyperactivity disorders, stress, or preventive medicine, the team will answer your questions and work to improve and protect the wellbeing of your child.

How is chiropractic care different for children?

Chiropractic treatment for infants and children is based on the same philosophy but is gentler than the techniques and adjustments used on adults. Gentle adjustments can repair misalignment resulting from delivery or complications requiring C-sections. Some of the childhood milestones that can trigger physical changes are birth, when he or she begins to lift his or her head, when the baby can sit up on its own, when he or she begins to crawl, stand, or walk, all of these milestones can trigger the need for chiropractic care. Like adults, children also benefit from regular checkups throughout childhood to ensure proper spine health. Chiropractic care helps to prevent health issues by protecting children’s spinal health, enabling them to live healthy and active lives.

Is special training needed to perform chiropractic on children?

Chiropractors who practice on infants and children undertake additional specialized training before treating younger patients. While the spine and musculoskeletal structure of children is similar to adults, the stages of development in childhood require special knowledge and attention for the most effective adjustments and care to be provided. The chiropractor at Family Healthcare Chiropractic has taken a special interest in the treatment of children and have engaged in the necessary training to ensure your children receive the best possible care.


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